Some Extracts from My OSC Panel

I've been on these pages a while and not really shared what I have been doing. The custom module and session file are way too large to share here but since I was asked what does my stuff look like, here are a few screen shots:

Some of the Cubase Control Page, that has the track name and expression map detail that comes from the sysex MCU feed, and as I was getting MCU I decided to use the transport functions too

I have use expression Maps in cubase so OSC monitors the folder where these are saved and can build the articulation buttons from these. If I change or add an expression map OSC prompts me to rebuild them and then goes to the file, rips the xml automatically, and rebuilds.

A couple of articulation pages - these update to the correct articulation and change button class depending on track selected and hide the remaining buttons

The articulation type and name are drawn directly from the xml of the cubase expression maps so I don't need to do anything extra in the custom module.

I have also created a number of dynamically available VSi controllers - these update to the correct vsti depending on the track and update the labels and the cc values they send depending on the track.

Albion One VSTi

I can also filter by Library in cubase:

Library Selector

Or by Instrument:

Instrument Selector

Or By Orchestral/Other Section:

Section Filter

Finally I have a few other bits and bobs, like my

Transpose Function

and my MIDI note selector function:


Very very nice!
A composer's dream of being in control. :slight_smile:
Thanks for sharing.


Hello, I am interested in the dynamic vsti part of your examples. We had already talked about it a while ago. Could you give me one?

It's wonderful what you've done.
I'm really impressed .