Merge 2 JSON files

Hi everyone. Im really new to this. Have 2 questions if anyone could help me I would be really glad.

  1. How do I merge to json-files to one?

  2. I cant “add tab” for some reason. I tought I should rightclick and select from the droplist, but there is no such option. I have only “edit parent”, “+add widget” and “delete”

Since Im a beginner I have been using shared documents from other kind persons to get started.

Thank you for any help!


  1. what are you trying to do exactly ? Merging two session files into one cannot be done automatically, however you can copy-paste widgets from one session to another.
  2. the context menu actions depends on the widget that’s been clicked on, if you want to add tabs to the root widget you can rightclick on the screenshot-2020-01-17-10:44:49 icon in the sidepanel.

Thank you for fast feedback. I figured it out. Thank you for a fantastic way to speed up workflow. Amazing!

I tried copying widgets between sessions opened in different web-browser tabs, but with no luck. As it turns out, the copying works only when the server’s GUI is used. So, the first step is to open the source session (the session that contains the widgets you want to copy). The second is to copy the widgets. The third is to open the destination session (the session where you want to paste the widgets you copied), and fourth is to paste the widgets.

Could you maybe create a possibility for the user to be able to have multiple sessions opened in the server’s GUI? (I hope I’m not using these words in an improper way)

Anyway, great job you did so far!


You can run the server, open your project, copy what you need, open now in the same window the project destiny where you want to paste, and paste it. It will work.
Obviously it’s not ideal as you can not have both side by side, but you can have a container where you add al things you want to copy (as a panel), in case you want to copy multiple items.

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@theodor_the_1st I [Feature] Some editing improvments

Shared clipboard is already implement in v1 :wink:

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