"Import" 3 different sessions into one session, as tabs

How do I .. or can I, "import" more than one session into an existing session, as different tabs?

For example:
I have 3 sessions ... A.json, B.json and C.json
I have created a 4th session called TABS.json containing 3 empty tabs, labelled TAB1, TAB2 and TAB3.
I want to "import" session A.json into TAB1, "import" session B.json into TAB2 and "import" session C.json into TAB3 of the session called TABS.json

I hope my question makes sense.


fragment mode will afaik be your friend

As long as the server runs, the editor's clipboard is shared across clients and persists when loading different sessions. Either open multiple sessions using multiple browser tabs or "copy, load, paste, save, open, copy, load paste, etc" in a single client.

Thank you!