[Feature] Some editing improvments

Was thinking about two things that could improve the editing :

  • Add possibility to temporary deactivate a widget. Could be useful when testing a script or whatever, to avoid conflict between widgets.

  • Add possibility to open two or more sessions, in a kind of multi-tab GUI, and be able to copy, paste, drag/drop widgets from a session to another

Add possibility to temporary deactivate a widget

I’ll think about it, it may not be as simple to implement as it sounds.

Add possibility to open two or more sessions

That’s probably not gonna happen. Having a clipboard that’s persistent across browser tabs could be doable though.

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I really miss the ability to copy paste widgets or group of widgets between different json
Copy paste wont work between two different ones opened and the only way I found is editing the json text file that is quite cumbersome. If we do some cool thing in one project I would expect easily paste it in other without being forced to recreate it or editing the text file. Well, as you would do with two documents from word or two images in photoshop.
This slows down editing work and forces to odd workarounds as creating a tab with only libraries of widgets to be used as you can not get them from other projects easily.

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I forgot to mention there is currently one way to do it : load a session, copy the widget, load another session (without restarting the app), paste the widget.

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Thanks, it’s an useful workaround.
And now I realize the same trick can be used for other apps that don’t support copy paste between apps.
Its not ideal but certainly convenient.

It is good to know! Thanks.