Install on Raspberry Pi4

Hello, sorry for these newbie questions, i’m running “patchbox” the audio oriented os from “Blokas” on Raspberry pi4.
i’m not really familiar with linux and rasp, i don’t know if it’s this link i have to get :
Then, when it’s downloaded the zip contain no app but a lot of files. and i don’t know how to install that.
Thanks to help me find the good way to learn how to do that.

The v1 installation documentation is also valid for this version :

You need to extract the archive in the location of your choice, then running the executable inside called “open-stage-control” will start the app. You can run the executable by double clicking on it or from a terminal:

# go to extracted folder
cd path/to/open-stage-control
# execute program

Ok i didn’t use the good archive for patchbox on raspberry pi4 i needed : (62.9M)
Now it runs!

Hi Ezrabox

I am new to the Raspberry pi

Like you I am trying to download Open Stage Control to the Pi, I am able to download it however I have a load of files and when I open the apps for client and launcher they open their html and sera for the server. I believe my issue is that I can't seem to launch the server, or is the issue somewhere else?

hope you can help

Hello Jean

was wondering if you could help me, I'm new to the raspberry pi game and I am trying to run the Open-stage-control software on my raspberry pi 3b however I am unable to get the server running.
hope can help
many thanks

Did you follow the instructions under "Other systems" in the page linked above ?

Not sure about Patchbox, but I just did this on my Raspberry Pi 3 running Raspberry pi OS Buster using the instructions for Running from Sources here. Make sure you follow the note about Raspberry Systems!

First install nodejs and npm:
sudo apt-get install nodejs npm

You might get a lot of warnings about npm not liking the version of nodjs, but it has worked for me without any problems. Doing it this way, you get a full installation that includes the local client gui which is very helpful.

If Patchbox doesn't allow installing nodejs and npm from apt-get, you may need to go to the nodjs and npm web pages for manual instructions.

Did you install anything else to get it work? Im not getting it work :confused:

To run open stage control on the Pi you just need to follow the instructions under "running with node" here. If midi support is needed, you'll need to follow the instructions under "other systems / node" here.
That's the most simple way to get it running but it'll will only get you the headless server (you'll need a browser to access the client application).

Hallo @jthelizz,

In case that you running on PatchBox OS on Raspberry Pi 4 you must start OSC Server over node as @jean-emmanuel writed and very well documented.

I recommend changing the amidiauto service to the amidiminder service.

And here is example as I starting OSC server: