How to use PAD XY?

I want to use the XY pad, but I got the following message:

How can I configure the midi?

thank you

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The xy pad outputs 2 values (one for each axis), with the preArgs that's 4 arguments you're sending while the /control command expects only 3 arguments (channel, control number and value).

You can use the widget's script property to split the xy value into 2 different messages:

var x = value[0]
var y = value[1]
send('midi:MIDIMIDI1', '/control', 9, 5, x)
send('midi:MIDIMIDI1', '/control', 9, SOME_OTHER_CC, y)

Also, make sure to empty the widget's target property to prevent the default message from being sent (and from triggering the error).

Thank you , it works great