How to Midi on OS Ventura / Ableton Live? (confused by the docs)

Hi there,
i just started with OSC, so the documentation says
" Since version 1.7.0 , Open Stage Control comes bundled with built-in MIDI support if you're using the 64bit package for Linux, OSX or Windows."

now i am a little bit confused, since has no "64" in the name, is midi included?

If that's the case i'm confused how i supposed to set it up to make it work with Ableton Live, since all the YouTube Videos are going the Python way or for windows

I'll remove the confusing "64bit" part, there are only 64bit packages available for download. I confirm the python part of these tutorials should absolutely be ignored, midi is included.

I'm on Ventura too, this is my current setup :
most important is the "midi" in OSC, after OSC io will appear in Ableton