Harp with pedals, keys and scales

In the harp_scale.json file, it now has "groupColor" entry to define the background color of each individual scale in the selection.

	"scales" : 
			"countKeys" : 7,
			"groupColor" : "00ff0055",
			"keys" : [ 0, 2, 4, 5, 7, 9, 11 ],
			"scaleName" : "major"

I have chosen "00ff0055" for Hex color entry, so that I can change the transparency to black with the last two digits (here "55"). So I can easily make a color I like darker or lighter.

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That looks great. Definitely makes it quicker to search

Here is the download from the harp:
Harp_v3.03.zip (5.5 KB)

Just tell me if I forgot to implement an important scale.

Chromatic ? :slightly_smiling_face:

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ok... chromatic is in. (Only for the latest Harp_v3.03 version)
harp_scale.json (9.4 KB)

Just replace your old harp_scale.json with this new one.

Thanks for this module, I was about to start making my own but yours is miles ahead!

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wow thank you!! i got it into my osc setup. but the strings are not playing the instrument that is record enabled. i have the OSC settings correct. I see something going into cubase. but not triggering notes. have osc set just like on my keyboard widgets. any suggestions ?
Screen Shot 2023-05-02 at 12.21.44 PM

as @Greenman mentioned in a previous post:

You will have to create an virtual midi port called "osc" in the launcher window corresponding to your setup.

or you can adjust all "OSC" Midi entries to your setup in the following two widgets:


I think that's it.

i fixed i had to edit your script and change the OSC there to midi on the strings. to go along with my setup Thanks

on my setup i have OSC set to trigger commands and macros. and the midi setting will send to the instruments.

now i need to figure out how to add Diminished scale and a few others.. This is great. I built one that specifically controls the vienna syncron harp. But this is so cool to use on anything.

Tell me which scales you still need and I can just add it to the harp_scale.json file.
(and by the way: diminished is already in)

wow thanks
these are scales the vienna harp has. i don't see diminished labeled on yours.

Sorry, i already updated my one...

Here you can download the newest version:
Harp_v3.10.zip (5.3 KB)

updated Harp_v3.10.json:

  • For the Menu Buttons: If the menu entry is too long, a break is made on a new line with
white-space: pre-wrap

updated harp_scale.json:

  • New scales

wow I thank you so much!! so great!!

you have high velocities when playing on bottom of string on harp how would i go about reversing that? the older version was reverseed

I changed that because of the keyboard, where the high velocity is on the bottom.
But if you want you can change it in the matrix_A2_harp widget:

Change matrix.props script line 47 from

velocity = 127 - (locals.touchCoords[1] * 127)


velocity = locals.touchCoords[1] * 127

thank you so much!

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@denisspycher by curiosity so what do pedals do on an harp ? :thinking:

The harpist uses the pedals to set the scale of the strings. While playing, he can change the key with the pedals.
Anyway, I removed the pedals on my touchscreen harp to be able to play scale's with also more or with less strings.
If you are more interested, here is a video about pedals:

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