Performance cartography event in Lisboa, Thu 21 Apr 2022

Hi all. I haven't been active here for a while although I often check posts after the community summary email arrives. And I know this is not really what the "Made with OSC" tag is for but it wouldn't have been possible to get this far if my tools weren't built on that foundation.

I've been an International Resident at Hangar: Centro de Investigação Artística in Lisbon for March & April, and I'll be collaborating with cellist Helena Espvall this coming Thursday night for a performance of real-time cartography.

"What does that even mean?" is a fair question. I've rigged my iPad up to control map colors and trigger effects using Open Stage Control, mapping libraries, OpenStreetMap data, and a slightly unruly JavaScript codebase of my own making. Helena, my collaborator, plays cello straight but also using extended techniques and electronics. It's an improvisatory experiment between visuals and music that I've been hoping to pull off for quite some time and I'm grateful to finally have this opportunity.

It's free and I invite you to come if you happen to be nearby.

A Synesthete's Atlas. 20:00.
Hangar, Rua Damasceno Monteiro, 12, Graça, Lisboa.

There's the possibility of a similar performance in Porto next week, and possibly other European cities before I return to San Francisco.

I'll post some images after the event.

Cheers, Eric

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I created a Vimeo showcase with five excerpts from my performance, A Synesthete's Atlas, with cellist Helena Espvall in Lisboa last week. I'd be happy to have your feedback or answer questions.

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hum the video is not fully public we need to have a vimeo account. Seems you need to set the category


Thanks for letting me know @Greenman. I'm pretty sure I set "All Audiences" as an upload default a long time ago but bit rot is one of the many disappointments I've had with Vimeo. Finding some settings in the first place can be absurdly difficult.

Please let me know if you continue to have troubles viewing the showcase or individual videos, thanks again.

Thanks ! It works perfectly.

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