Harp with pedals, keys and scales

Is anyone interested in my harp?
At the moment I have 9 scales in it, but I can easily extend that with my harpScale.json file.
The size is intended for a 1920 x 1080 touchscreen.


What's a harp?

This is a harp.
Bildschirmfoto 2023-04-12 um 09.20.00
You can play the strings with a matrix-widget on the touchscreen.

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Hello @denisspycher,
thanks for this, very interested in your harp. Would you share your patch?

Here are the zip to download:
HARP.zip (3.6 KB)

There are two files:
HARP.json is the session file.
harpScale.json is only a data file with the scales, but IMPORTANT (HARP.json is reading it)

At the moment I have this 9 scales.


Waouh, so cool! thank you so much, it works very well.
what soft do you use (on your picture) to edit the harpscale file?

Thank you so much for sharing. This community is amazing.

This is the Filemaker database.
For me it is much easier to keep the data in a database than in Excel. Here I can design the interface according to my wishes (like in OSC). Also the numbers on the right side (1,2,or 3) are automatically generated depending on what key I enter on the left side. And last but not least, I just have to press one button and it automatically generates the harpScale.json file for me.

How do we go about adding more scales? Is it just a matter of adding the proper tones and semitones?

I am doing it... I take the Scale notes from the Scaler Plugin

Tell me, which more scale you need.

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Pentatonic major and minor
Neapolitan scale
Gypsy minor
1 - Byzantine Scale

2 - Enigmatic Scale

3 - Persian Scale

4 - Javanese Pelog Scale

5 - Neapolitan Minor Scale

6 - Neapolitan Major Scale

7 - Hungarian Minor Scale

8 - Overtone Scale

9 - Hindu Scale

10 - Romanian Major Scale

11 - Hungarian Major Scale

12 - Spanish Gipsy Scale

13 - Arabian Scale

14 - Asian Scale

15 - Prometheus Scale

16 - Ritsu Scale

17 - In Sen Scale

18 - Iwato Scale

19 - Scottish Scale

20 - Han-Kumoï Scale

21 - Hon-Kumoï-joshi Scale

22 - Egyptian Scale

23 - Hirajoshi Scale

24 - Balinese Pelog Scale

25 - Mongolian Scale

Hum it seems there are a lot of different scales in the music world...

@Mike1 Are you really playing all those scales?...:wink:

I was using the XotoPad windows touch controller and they had every scale you can imagine. Definitely useful when playing any ethnic instrument vst

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I have a question to you all.

I see now the the Persian has special scale (But that is not the only one) like
D#|Eb: Cb D Eb Fb G Ab Bbb
G#|Ab: C# D E F## G# A B#

Is it better if I don't do Persian and leave it at three pedals or should I program five pedals?

At the moment we have 3 pedals.
Bildschirmfoto 2023-04-12 um 17.39.14

But i can change it to 5 Pedals.
Bildschirmfoto 2023-04-12 um 17.39.22

It is not more harps conform, but more scales could be played.
What is your opinion?

My opinion is that i don't know how pedals work on a harp :grin:

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I’d say leave it out. 5 pedals seem confusing.

But curious if it would be difficult to add a range selector for the harp? Useful if you just wanna do a 1 or 2 octave glissando

My opinion (or dream tool) would be the following. it is slightly different from your concept and your great work which is to use the pedal system of the harp.

Ideal for me would be to have rather a 2 octaves keyboard that would represent the selected mode/scale (with the keys of the mode selected in a color)

Keep a transposition button to change the root note.
A menu with the modes/scales.

This would allow to use modes of 5, 6, 7, 8 notes...but also the possibility to change them on the keyboard, to switch to arpeggio (chords menu ?)... or in chromatic scale.

But this concept raises the problem of the display of the top panel buttons (7 per octave currently) which should be updated according to the selected mode/scale.

music scale list : music-scale/scales.json at master · danigb/music-scale · GitHub
music.chords/chords.json at master · danigb/music.chords · GitHub


Just to add : GitHub - tonaljs/tonal: A functional music theory library for Javascript is the new name of the library

Of course, that would be a very different approach.
Mine was to emulate a normal harp, so that the pedal information can also be passed on to the harp player.