Flexrange - a proposal for a flexible live filtering widget


I have been using range sliders a lot to control a bandpass filter made of a lowpass filter and a highpass filter. I play with such filters a lot. However, I would like to associate this with a kind of flexible EQ. Vertical movements would broaden or narrow the global band as in the normal range slider. Now, move horizontally and the slider’s profile will change. The vertical position where this movement occurs is the frequency where some change happens. Move to the left and the gain at that frequency increases. Move to the right and it decreases.

The output of the widget could be sent to a FFT filterbank. This would be really playful!

The dark red surface in the picture represents the range slider at full range. The bright red surface is the current range. The dotted line represents the point of gain 0.

Basically this would be the combination of a range slider and a multislider with thin sliders.

Jean-Emmanuel, do you think this is something that could be added to O-S-C?

I’m not sure to add this to the TODO list, this looks very specific and as you say, a range slider and a multislider could do the job as well.

I understand, but it would be so fun and useful! :star_struck:

Just for fun: here is an example with a range slider and a matrix: flexrange.json (2.9 KB)


My arguments for a new widget are the following:

  • it would take less space;
  • it would be an integrated unit, which IMHO is always better if one considers his O-S-C layout as a musical instrument rather than a tool (that is my case). The idea is to control more variables with less gestures.