EQ Widget Example


I don't understand how to use the EQ Widget.

I have a fader for a lowpass filter cutoff and I want to show the frequency on a graph.
I tried to enter something like ["peak",1500,1,5,true] in the value and the filters input to move something.
The EQ graph show nothing but a line.

Can anypody show an example of how to use it ?
Thank you very much !

Try this:

  { "type": "peak", "gain": "@{fader_id}", "q": 1.5, "freq": 1500 }

wow, thank you for this very fast asking.

I managed to control this with a script to calculate the exact frequency.
Thank you very much agin, that was all I need right now !

hi @Rayzeur

if you could share your script with others users, it will be cool :slight_smile:
Screenshots or some code... the more we see code into o-s-c, the community acknowledge grows
see you !