Pitch Bend Fader

Hi all!
Im having a problem with getting the pitch range / value information from OSC into Unreal Engine, I have control change working properly with encoders that I can turn infinitely. I believe that I could use control change and get it working but id like to use Pitch bend for the fader. I'd like to get the range output but I'm unfamiliar with CSS and front end code. These faders will be changing light intensity with pitch bend.

12.11.2022_15.07.17_REC <---this is simply the screen cap software I use, it uploads the recordings to its own site to share.

/pitch messages should have only one preArgs (the channel) and a value between 0 and 16383 (MIDI messages - Open Stage Control).

Ah, that makes more sense. I played around with the second pre-arg and got different values. So is there a way to send that range or is it only going to act like a button where it's on or off? I want the slider range so that it's a bit more dynamic.