Range Fader - check if it's a bug

Hello everyone.
I just got an issue trying to change range fader values from scripting.
I made a gif to help illustrate the problem.

MIDI Keyboard Dynamic Range

Basically, the buttons add/subtract 12 to both range values, but if I move the left fader handle, the same buttons only add and modify the first value of the fader array. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. Thanks for any help.

scripting code from the buttons:

var v = get("keyboard_range")
if (v[0] < 96) set("keyboard_range", [v[0] + 12, v[1] + 12])

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It's a bug, to be fixed in next release.

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Thank you very much Jean!

Hi @ClelsonLopes thankyou for this.
Can you tell me how you make the link between the slider range and the keyboard so that it resizes?

here is an answer you can access to value[0] value[1] for the range widget as the XY pad.
hope it helps
I was wondering if there is a way to do the same thing without using variables widgets, I didn't manage to do inside the range widget.
testKeyboardRange.json (6.4 KB)

Thankyou, just perfect!