[Feature-Request] Shift + Click to directly push a button (when editor is ON)

While the user learns how the mechanisms in O-S-C work, time would be saved if the widget would not get selected when clicked first time (when the editor is ON).

I know that this is the purpose of the editor: to select widgets and modify their properties in the inspector. However, efficiency is also important, which is why I think it would be better if the select action would be skipped/bypassed when clicking the widget with the SHIFT key down.

Thanks anyway!

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+1 for this.

I've currently been working around this by having 2 instances open on different virtual desktops, one with the editor enabled and the other with it disabled. It would be much more efficient during development to have that same ability to be in "editing" mode or "usage" mode just by holding a modifier key, without having to switch between 2 different instances.


Shift is already assigned to lasso selection. I'm adding two ways to bypass widget selection in next release:

  • shift + meta + click (meta = win / cmd key)
  • middle click