Feature request: Bypass PC keyboard commands coming from ip: "" (the computer where I'm usually editing my session)

If I'm binding the arrow keys (to scripts) I can say goodbye to nudging widgets. This is because when trying to nudge the widgets, the script will also run.

Example - (Even though I'm hitting "shift+down" while the bound key is just "down", I get this...)

nudge and key commands

A possible solution would be to bypass them if the editor is open.

On a similar but different note, I wanted to navigate up and down the tree with the arrow keys so I could quickly edit the same property in the inspector for each widget...but the arrow keys always nudge widgets...

Indeed, done.

@GeneralMidi these shorcuts where implemented before the tree panel was added, I'm reassigning these shortcuts to make them feel more natural.


Would be also nice to be able to bypass them based on the IP address. If it can't be done it's alright...
Thank you!

You could put some guard like this in your scripts:

if (globals.ip == '') return

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That's wonderful!