Error, MIDI Device Unknown

Hi all, i'm taking my first steps into trying to wrap my head around building an OSC interface and hit a roadblock sooner than expected. I've set up the server as per Brian Rivlins video (minus the Python dialogue which I understand is no longer relevant) and i'm getting this midi error when pressing the Quantize button.

The button target is set to midi:osc. Any suggestions as to what i'm missing?


Hi @SimonFMP

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I guess you have to set up the iac driver osc. (I am not a mac user)

But you can change the osc:0,0 to another value towards your wishes. i.e. foo:1,1 then put foo in your target button.

Hope a mac user will add some details

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Personnaly, i don't have anything in the port field :

Second : in your buttons props, did you write midi:osc or midi:OSC ? ? Seems to be case sensitive.

Midi target names are case sensitive indeed (OSC != osc), that seems to be the problem here.

Thanks everyone for the quick replies. I sorted the lower case osc and the error message is gone. I figured it was something small I overlooked.

I'm looking forward to posting many, many more questions.