Dropdown OSC message re-trigger on value/key re-selection

Hello everyone,

I've been exploring the forums for a solution to my issue but haven't found a relevant thread, so apologies if this has been addressed before.

I'm dynamically filling a dropdown widget with patch file names, using an OSC message generated by a custom module. When a patch name is selected from the dropdown, it triggers an OSC message with the selected patch name value, and the dropdown's label is updated to reflect the chosen patch name (utilizing '%key').

However, I've encountered a challenge when attempting to re-select the same patch name from the dropdown to resend the OSC message. It appears that selecting the same item doesn't trigger a new OSC message.

I'm seeking a method to enable the dropdown widget to resend an OSC message when the same item is selected again, without resetting the widget's 'value' after the first selection—as doing so would remove the patch name from the dropdown label.

Any advice or workarounds would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your help!

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I was looking for the same question !
I'm setting other widgets values with a dropdown menu and wish to re-select to re-send the values.
Maybe something with the onTouch script could do the job.

Currently the dropdown value is not submitted when it doesn't change, I'll try to change it in the future but for now the only workaround would be to use a menu widget instead.

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That would be excellent ! Unfortunately, I don't think the menu widget would be an appropriate workaround in my case, since I'm loading the dropdown widget with tens of SuperCollider patch file names.

Thank you for always being so supportive, Jean.