Double Midi Messages

after trying to install with help of docs i could not make it work, then i found a yt vid and followed the Instructions there and midi started working.

i tried to assign a Fader in Ableton, bi-directional communication works.
but the Fader felt strange, somethings wrong.
so i started debug/midi monitor to find out whats going on.

everything is doubled in the logs.
1 click on a push button widget has this results:

midi monitor

what could be wrong?

O-S-C sends the expected number of messages here:

  • 1 OSC message for the server’s default target (send option)
  • 1 MIDI message for the widget’s target

What happens next is that the midi message is sent back to O-S-C; this can be caused either by a midi routing error (feedback loop) or by the software on the other end sending feedback.

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i thought maybe i messed up something by doing the setup Process 2 times. :poop:
Was a little scared to remove Python stuff because someone at stackoverflow mentioned macOS uses Python and he bricked his OS that way :skull_and_crossbones:, so…

thanks to your input i could narrow it down to the
IAC (Inter-application communication) driver as the culprit. :bug:
not sure if people who use IAC did not notice, or this problem is specific to my system.
i solved it by using O-S-C’s own port virtualization with:


now the mapped Fader works smoothly both directions and no more Feedback loop.
well, at least “as smooth” as Midi can :grin:
after using OSC for months now, this 128 step Midi Resolution feels so bad lol.
still has its place for time critical things like playing notes.