Connecting x touch compact with ma3

I saw this video of a guy who was able to map his x touch compact to ma3 and it worked perfectly with feedback and lights of buttons working. heres the video and his github: GitHub - xxpasixx/pam-osc: Controll Grandma3 with Midi Decvices over Open Stage Control and a Plugin to get Feedback for Motorfaders and Button lights. . Im having a lot of trouble connecting open stage control with ma3. I can see open stage control is getting input from my x touch when i move faders and press buttons but in ma3 nothing is changing. Any help is appriciated, im also new to networking.

I don't think I can help much here, I suppose you've asked the creator of that repository already ?

At first sight I can just say the recommended o-s-c configuration is weird: when setting options port to 9003 and osc-port to 9004, the port 9003 is only used by the webapp server, it's not bound to anything osc-related (while on the other hand, this suggests it is, but really it isn't).

Open Stage Control makes a online website or something that i can connect to to control stuff so maybe thats why it uses that port? Should i try using another port like 8004 and 8005 and see if its works?
Edit: I think port 9003 is to send data made in on my x touch and send to ma3 while 9004 is to send data to the xotuch made in the ma3 software

Ok then I guess it's just a coincidence in this case (o-s-c using 9003 for the web app and xtouch and ma3 use 9003 to comminucate together), that's possible but to avoid any confusion I'd recommend either leaving the port option empty OR setting port to 9004 and leaving osc-port empty (it'll take the same value as port).