Control cubase from android tablet

I installed osc recently and try to configure it. ı also use loopmidi and rtpmidi. i ve synced them all and trying to configure it from cubase generic remote. everything looks ok and its working but i cant control it from tablet. can someone help to figure it out:/ ım new at this app and also...

I saw your post on vi-control forums (Open stage control with android | VI-CONTROL), it seems you are using OSC Controller, which is not related to Open Stage Control.

ı have open stage control on my windows and i ve download osc control to my android app, yes, and ı want to control cubase from my tablet, and thanks for reply:)

As I said, osc control is not related in any way to open stage control. To use open stage control on your mobile device you need to run the server on your computer and browse to the app's address (which the server shows when it starts) using the mobile's browser.

so i ve to open web browser from mobile device and type my ip to browser? sorry for noob questions by the way, ım very bad at tech stuff, and thank you very much again

ok i finally reach open stage in the mobile device, thanks for your help, cheers \ıı/