Clock synchronisation

hello every body !!

I’m working on a simple question, that i think can be useful for every one :

How can i receive and display a value in open stage control ?

For example : - display the name of the key i strike.
- display a fader which is moving while it receive a clock (or something that flashing when the clock signal is receive)

One of the idea behind this is to synchronize different machine by open stage control.
My basic view of this would be this :

  • on the main machine, a software is sending a clock signal to open stage control
  • open stage control display a flashing light to the connected client
  • every connected client can use the clock signal to be synchronize with the main machine clock signal.

I’m currently reading a lot of message one this forum, but i can’t really understand the way to do it ?

A custom module would be the solution, i try to understand what appened here : How to send a message periodically & other questions but i can’t really get it.

My software is VCVRack and i just can send number value.

Any kind of help would be very appreciate !!

thanks every one and have a good day !


I must say that i can control VCVRack with open stage control, it’s work a charm like i said in this thread : Setup with VCV Rack?

Updating a widget is done by sending to o-s-c the same message it sends ( The simplest way to get a flash currently is to use a button with mode set to tap, it will flash whenever it receives its on value (1 by default).

Now on synchronization: while o-s-c does dispatch received values to all clients, there is no guarantee that all clients will receives them at the exact same time.

ok thanks for the answers, i finally got something correct … thank you !

And yes for the synchronisation, i was suspecting something like that but well, it’s just to jam with some friends, must be good with a local network !

And I will describe what i did later

have a good day !