Articulations : full dynamic module for Logic with detailed instructions

Thanks pieca. And thank you for taking the time to build and explain this - it's a game changer for me!!

Hi @pieca
I have Articulations set up and it's showing your 'Inst' articulations and the image. It's also showing the images from other instrument tracks, but not any of my articulations *BBCSO, CSS, HOPUS etc). When I add any of my articulations to the OpenStageArticulations folder (for example [BBCSO Violins 1].plist, or [BBCSO] Violins 1.plist), open stage control stops switching between tracks and no articulations show.
Once I remove any of my .plist files, leaving just the original [Inst].plist, it shows the Inst articulations and switches tracks again.
I'm sooooo close, but have no idea where I'm going wrong.

Hi @GerO

When adding articulations in your "OpenStageArticulations" folder or any pictures in your "Libpictures" folder, Open Stage Control won't have instant access to them.
In order to update you have 2 options :

  • First one (the slowest) :
    quit and relaunch Open Stage Control
    -2nd one ( the quickest) :
    open "LogicMagicalExternalModule.js" in your preferred text editor and just save it. Each time this file is saved, OSC will rescan all your customs articulations and pictures and will update your changes
    Beware, opening and saving "Articulations_forLogic_byPierre.json" won't do anything :wink:

And don't forget to name your articulations files and pictures between [BRACKETS]

Last thing :
your Logic's articulations have to get informations in all 3 panels : "Switches" "Articulations" & "Output" !
If "Switches" is left empty, OSC won't be able to get MIDI notes remote Articulations values and will gives you errors...

Hello! I'm new and I wanted to thank you @pieca ] @LowweeK75 for this awesome Art Controller and the clear and easy installation guide as I can't script at all and would not have get it working without it.

I also use Lemur on iPad with conventional MIDI CCs and CCs to keyswitch, but as I cant script I never got bidirectional talk working in Logic.

I tried to implement some CC faders into the template, but failed with just MIDI. I suspect I have to code into your js or json?

To implement some CC faders into the template, you can do it without coding, directly in OpenStage Control app. Please browse and read this forum to know how to, maybe have also a look to OSC user guide :wink:

Thanks for getting back to me @pieca. I've tried quitting and re-launching and the , but it didn't work. Ive been using BBCSO, but I noticed when editing them that there are no settings in Switches, so I'll try that next.
One more question, do you know if the articulation sets from Babylonwaves work with Articulations?
Thanks again!

Yep, Babylonewaves articulations are working !

But you just have to fill the missing midi notes switches info from your own articulations files in order to be ready !

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Hello! Thank you!

to add a fader I added another virtual port (OSC:virtual), resized the grid by % and added fader with address: /control, preArgs: [1,1], target: OSC:virtual - but in debug i got some red line output and no midi in into Logic.

I will browse the forum the next days, hopefully finding some solutions, also for adding Tabs and more controls. I just started 3 days ago with Open Stage Control, so I am pretty noob. :smiley:

I can confirm that it works also just with homebrew installation. I tested it on a clone - test drive.

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Hi @montesumolo

This topic is dedicated to "Articulations for Logic Pro" only.
For any question about adding faders or functions, please open your own topic


Ok! Sorry, my fault. I will delete my post and start a new thread!

Workflow Tips :

You can configure Open Stage Control to autostart when your Mac is booting and even minimise it :
Screenshot 2023-08-10 at 12.43.13

That way you will always be ready to go !

You can also make the Open Stage Control window full screen on your iPad :

  • First open your Open Stage Control web page on Safari
  • Then press the share button :
  • In the drop down menu, tap the Add to Home Screen option
    In the Add to Home window, you can give the new icon a title on the home screen of your iPad.
    When you’re done, tap on the Add button The new icon should now appear on your home screen. Tapping on the icon will open Open Stage Control in full-screen mode !
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Hello pieca!

First of all, thank you very much for your effort and your work.

I'm completely new in this forum, I've just installed Open Stage Control today because I would try your Articulations template. So, please, excuse my likely clumsiness using this program for the first time.

I think I'm following all the steps correctly. In fact, I've gotten to the last step, but maybe I'm already doing something wrong in the first part, because what my window displays in this step is not the same as your example:

I can notice there's no track name displayed, and also only a text box is visible when it seems I should see two.

I'm using latest version of Open Stage Control (v1.25.3) and Logic Pro X (v10.7.9). My Logic Pro X is using Spanish as default language. Could any of these things be the problem or definitely I'm doing something wrong?

I hope you can help me, thank you very much in advance.

I take this opportunity to ask you if it would be possible, in case I manage to make all this work, insert this into my TouchOSC template.

I've been for over a year setting up a custom template for TouchOSC with everything I need: CC controllers, keyboard shortcuts, playback controls and track control, etc. It includes even a section to change articulations which, unfortunately, has to be generic since I have not found a way to automatically show the different articulations of each select track.

That's why I'd like to try your work, because it seems it will react to that, although if there's no way to embed it in TouchOSC, it will force me to have to constantly switch apps, which I think won't be very comfortable, or have to buy another iPads, which will be very expensive, haha.

Thank you again!

As far as I know, there’s no way to embed O S C in TouchOSC.
From what I get of your TouchOSC usage, you’re not far from my template that features dynamic articulations & fader/buttons when I select a track in Logic.

Also, there’s no language dependency so it should work in spanish too.

For your issue, first I’d check that all ports are well set in Logic & O S C. I don’t remember if it’s case-sensitive but at any rate, I’d advise to respect cases.
Also, in Logic, go to MIDI settings and check that the virtual Midi port OSC is activated and allows in & out messages.

There’s no reason it wouldn’t work, so I guess the issue can be spotted and solved pretty quickly.

Hi :slightly_smiling_face: and big thx for sharing this. All is working fine.
But i have one problem. I name my 1st track in Logic [VCS Violins 1] this is ok
but when i name the 2nd track [VCS Violins 1 Sordino] it show me the ART from the 1st track.
Same with [VCS Violas] and [VCS Violas Sordino] ?
When i name it [VCS Violins 1] and [VCS Violins 2] it work ?!
Any help or idea what i can do?
Thank you :slight_smile:

it depends of your articulations names

For logic tracks :
VCS Violins 1
VCS Violins 1 Sordino
VCS Violins 2

With [VCS Violins 1] in your articulation folder ALL the tracks containing "VCS Violins 1" in their name will get the articulation named [VCS Violins 1]

But with with [VCS Violins 1] AND [VCS Violins 1 Sordino] in the articulation folder it should works

Note that with a picture named [VCS] in your picture folder all 3 tracks should get the same picture (they are all including VCS)


With [VCS Violins 1] AND [VCS Violins 1 Sordino] do not work :frowning:

Yep, you are right !

My module is taking the first partial occurrence in the list...
In your case : "VCS Violins 1", it doesn't go further to find "VCS Violins 1 Sordino" which is after in the alphabetical list, it is sorting the first partial match

you can mod your LogicMagicalExternalModule.js on lines 210 & 221 by replacing :
if (trackName.includes(thisLib.library)) {

if (trackName === (thisLib.library)) {

That way it will find the perfect match for your articulation and not only a partial match and it will work !!!!
The caveat is that your articulation name will have to be a perfect mach with your track name, you won't be able to add anything in your track name (V2, take, old or anything)


Thank you :+1: now all is working :ok_hand:

When updating to Logic Pro 10.8, you'll need to delete the Mackie Control and re-create it. Apple made some changes to it because there's an updated version (2.5.8r0 instead of 2.5.4r0) and re-run the LogicTrackName.json to link the right Track name again. Then in OSC, set the load and custom modules back to Articulations_forLogic_byPierre.json and LogicMagicalExternalModule.js respectively and you're back in business!

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