Settings for LPX?

Hi there,
Total newbie on OSC here. I’ve been installing and running the server. So far, so good.
Now I wonder howcto set Logic Pro X to take benefit of OSC.
I found resources on Bitwig, Cubase but nothing on Logic.
Any help welcome :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance and happy new year.

FWIW : I’m French speaking too

you can check this maybe : Chemins des messages OSC des assignations de contrôleur dans Logic Pro - Assistance Apple

Happy New Year !

Ok, I had to leave my OSC project for a few months.
Now I'm back on it with very little progress.

I'm using LPX which, as I understand, is incredibly poor at remote controlling.
My main use case : select a track and see articulations and select them.

I'm trying OSCulator and I manage to get track name from Logic to O-S-C.
I'm also having a button retrieve the mute status. It works well from LPX > O-S-C, not the opposite (clicking the button does nothing in LPX).
I've set a switch grid to send articulations to LPX ; this works.
However, if I click notes in LPX then an articulation, it is not changed, but I guess it's not possible to edit articulations in Logic without using that stupid dropdown in editor.

Ok, so, use case : I want my script to analyse the track name and display the articulation if the set is relevant.
I've set a variable in visible field of the switch @{visSCSarts}.
On my text field displaying track name, I've tried to script the visibility by changing the variable. No way.

So, eventually, my question is : do you have documentation and examples of codes like this ?
(set variable, read variable, address variables, etc.)
I've been reading the doc but meh, I'm someone who learns from examples.

Thanks !