After v1.17.0 upgrade: Unknown argument: app/

I just upgraded from v1.16.5 to v1.17.0 and electron's no longer starting up with npm start; I just get the Usage: list of options. I thought this might be a function of my somewhat complicated build process but the error occurs in my clone of the basic open-stage-control repo.

I also did an npm ci.

Any ideas?

did you run npm install after pulling ? Is the exact command you're using npm start ?

Yes, started with npm install, eventually npm ci, yes, used npm start and fiddled with variations on using electron directly. Spent the whole day on this, I'm assuming it's a problem with my MacBook Pro. Had no choice but to download the prebuilt MacOS version as I have a performance in a few days.

The explanation may lie in the full log output after npm install.

Just to close this out for anyone coming along later. I don't believe that the upgrade had anything to do with the problems I reported and now that I have a few weeks break between performances I'm going to wipe and reinstall everything on my overworked old MacBook Pro.