[bug] Parsing Error

I am getting a parsing error, any ideas please ?

Screen Shot 2020-12-17 at 16.33.23

I need more details, if it occurs when loading the session I’ll need the session file.

it was trying to load https://github.com/jean-emmanuel/osc-keyboard example (High Sierra)

It’s not a session file, you can’t load it this way.

ok, I have hit the newbie wall.

will stand back and learn more :wink:

Sorry if it sounded harsh :). The thing is this was just a little experiment, but with v1.8 it's become possible to use this kind of things from a custom module although it requires a good understanding of how NodeJs works. More examples will come eventually, but maybe you could get some help here

not at all, I truly appreciate your work :wink:

right now I am trying to create my own BIG plugin launcher for ableton.
and using spark shortcut manager and midiStroke is the only way I have found to do it (it’s messy)

stay safe Matt ;-)))))