Performance lag delay connection lost


i have a lag>delay>disconnect issue.

i’m using 2 x iPad (v3 iOS 9.3.5) and a Mac Pro (5,1 High Sierra), O-S-C v(0.47.0)

everything reacts almost instantly if i change something in Ableton.
But if i change colors of widgets:


–color-raised: OSC{/tc2, #465975};

or make something invisible with


css = OSC{/tvs1, 1} <1 ? “visibility:hidden” : “”

there is a delay till it “loads”.
if too many widgets are changed simultaneously the iPads even register
a “lost connection to server” message.

i have the same template opened on my mac where i edit them, there, everything is instant.

i noticed the same for the modal widget, if i just make a fresh modal, on the mac it opens instantly as i click the button, but on the iPads there is almost 1 sec delay till the panel opens.

this all looks like the same issue to me.

i use a wifi network exclusively for O-S-C and this 3 devices without internet or other devices interfering.

i can update simultaneously tons of Faders, Knobs, Buttons, TextLabels etc,
everything is perfectly instant on all devices.

but colors, visibility:hidden, modal etc have delay and lag till connection is lost.

any ideas why this is happening?

Old iOS 9.3 might be the cause here, it’s really hard to keep compatibility with it (and it will likely be dropped at some point). Could you by any chance try with a slightly more recent device and compare ?

I suspect these operations might be a bit more cpu intensive and disturb other tasks such as client to server connection. Just in case, is there any error logged in the server’s console ?

no errors are showing up, it works but is very slow, even if just 1 widget gets changed.
and if i switch 8 or more i loose connection on the iPad for 2 sec and not all messages get processed.

Did some testing.

iPhone 5c iOS 10.3.3:
-modal opens way faster, almost instant, no issue.
-color change over OSC in css still laggy, maybe a tiny bit faster but not much, if at all.

decent i5 laptop Win 10 latest Opera:
everything instant, just perfect.

gonna test on more recent Devices as soon as i can get my hands on one of them.

i found out that if i change colors of widgets inside the native color tab,
it works perfectly instant on the older iPad’s.
even changing 24 widgets all different colors simultaneously no problem.

So it seems like this hiccup is related to changes over OSC in the css tab,
like changing visibility or colors etc.

i took a look at geekbench scores for:

iPad v3
single core: 329 lol :sweat_smile:
multi core: 569

iPhone 5c
single core: 743
multi core: 1194

iPhone 7 for comparison (gonna test that soon)
single core: 3410
multi core: 5745

iPad 3 is a slow device these days in general but i think its maybe not a cpu issue because it works perfectly if not using css tab. switching a color of a tiny area should not use that much power i guess?
but y, i get that maybe its related to iOS 9…

still, iPhone 5c is a bit more recent with iOS 10.3.3 and more than double the juice, modal works instant but thats it, strangely the rest is the same story.

curious how the 7 gonna perform :thinking:

I’ll take a closer look to the css update method then, thank you for testing !