Widget Range set max and steps to other widgets

(this follows the GitHub problem)

I'm trying to set the max-1 of a fader widget using the value[1] of a range widget.
But every time I set a new value to the range widget the fader is returning to 0 and display null
In the same idea I wish to set the number of step of the fader using

#{@{range_emsStepsEvents}[1]-1 || 0}

but OSC is returning an error.

EventsStepsRotation.json (4.3 KB)

The error occurring at init (when @{range_emsStepsEvents} is undefined) will be prevented in next release.

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well I guess you implemented something pretty useful
But still get the same problem the max value for the faders is still going back to undefined every time I change the range
And the steps is returning an error with the code :


But maybe I did not understood something ? :thinking:


eventsStepsRot.json (5.3 KB)

Your session file works without error with version 1.25.5, I may be missing something though.

Try #{Math.round(@{range_emsStepsEvents}[1]-1)} regarding the steps issue (rounding will be applied automatically in the future).

the max steps is now working fine ?
maybe I needed a reboot of the cpu (weird)

for the steps :

In the full version :

This screenshot suggests you've missed the Math.round() part of my previous reply.

... well well well Need to open my eyes