Visual and functional changes after converting project file

Hey Community,

Left OLD - Right NEW

Maybe an absolute example of a stupid questions, but I guess you can help me in a few things.

  1. I've converted an old project file from 0.48. into a new version for 1.16.
    Is it normal, that some Knobs and Faders etc. are looking better in the old version compared to the new one? Or is it better to delete them and start from scratch because it's in reason of converting it?

  2. The top bars / labels were pretty dynamic and realistic in the old version, in the new version I didn't find any way to get them in a similar style like the old version.

  3. In the old version you see a pretty dark background. The complete old OSC looks darker compared to the new one and on the old version the boxes are looking pretty dynamic and realistic compared to the ones in the converted version. The new version looks a little bit "boring"?

  4. Last but not least, the most annoying issue...
    When I use the unconverted project file in 0.48. all buttons are working fine. When you touch them, they are shining a short time, so that you can see an optical feedback.
    But when I use the converted one in 1.16. there seems to be something like a "connection" between "Reset Loudness Meters" + "SHOW LOADED, AUDIO RETURNS, MIX GROUPS, FX SENDS and STEMS".
    Because: When I press SHOW ALL, just SA is shining. If I press HIDE EMPTY, just HE is shining. But when I press one of all the listed buttons - all buttons are shining simultaneously, but just one got pressed. Why are multiple buttons shining, when just one gets pressed? I have checked and compared for example SHOW ALL and SHOW LOADED, why SHOW LOADED acts together with the others but SHOW ALL does not. But I can't find the reason for this.

Thanks in advance,
Kai :slight_smile:

    1. & 3. "better looking", "realistic" and "boring" reflect your personal view on these aesthetic changes, which I don't agree with. There are plenty of ways to customize appearances in o-s-c (style properties, css theme, canvas widget...). you should be able to use the tools at your disposal to create the interface that best suits your tastes if the default appearance doesn't.
  1. Could you upload a minimal session file that demonstrate the issue ?