Value don't update from incoming OSC

in a patch i have a source selection, every time I change the source the software output some OSC message with the current value of the source that update the value of a bunch of faders.

When I switch from a source to another the position of the faders is updated but not the displayed value.

in the HTML I have this code :


How can I improve this ?


I can't seem to reproduce the issue, please check you're using the latest version available and if that's the case then a minimal session file would help tracking it down.

This is not a particular problem with the last version but a problem inside my patch
The faders that I am talking about are those at both side of the XY pad.

updateValue.json (111.3 KB)

I tested by sending values to /adm/obj/<source_number>/x and both the fader on the left and the displayed value above it updated normally.

the problem is happening with [gain, lfe, azimuth, distance ]
I guess it's a problem because they have some script and variables

Ok thanks I got it, I'll keep you posted.

Fixed in upcoming v1.24.3

Super !