Toggle button state doesn't update on OSC client when preArgs have JS code

Hi again!

I think I found a bug.
I have in my JSON file two toggle buttons. One works, one doesn’t. In other words, one toggle’s state updates on all connected clients, while the other one doesn’t.

  1. The configuration of the button that doesn’t work (doesn’t update its state):

  1. The configuration of the button that does work (updates its state on all clients):

Thank you!

Widgets are synchronized between clients if their address and preArgs match, and since the preArgs here depend on the button’s state, it breaks the sync mechanism. I’ll try to come up with a more robust sync routine.

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I’ve decided to let the sync system as is because it makes sense, this problem can be solved by handling the dynamic address/preArgs from a custom module or a script.

Thank you a million times and I wish you all the best!
If only there were more developers like you…