Solved: Still problem with Panel update if it's hidden

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I have an update problem with the panel if is hided...
When changing instruments, "panel_1A_cc" was not active, I switched "panel_1A_cc" visible to true. "panel_1A_cc_fader5" should not be visible here. (This is from the previous instrument).
Do I still have to give an update command when switching from panel to panel?

Could you please provide a session file and step-by-step instructions to reproduce the issue (without running a DAW) ?

Here i have all my 4 files.
load: dsTouch_1080p.json
custom-module: custom-module.js
and the other two file are expression and the instruments and shoud be in the same folder.
Hidden (388.3 KB)

Now you expect two faders (like on the right side) but you still have 4 faders.

God morning Jean-Emmanuel
is it working for you?

Hi there! I tried to understand the problem you are describing in this topic, but couldn't get my head around it. I'm sure you think you've been explicit enough with the screenshots and the annotations, but, unfortunately, the fellow users out here (including me) can't help if you don't describe the problem you're having properly. Please let me give you some examples of strange sentences you used.

Strange sentences

You said "when changing instruments". This could mean a ton of things. A better way to say it—but still vague—would look like this: When switching from one instrument to another. As I said, though it's better, it is still vague, and it doesn't seem to help the reader get what you're really trying to say.

Here's another example. You said that you have "an update problem". You see, the reader needs to make an effort here in order to understand what mean. You'll say I'm wrong to say this, because—eventually—experienced users will get what you mean. That's not the issue! The issue is that by the time the reader reaches the point where everything is clear, the mood to reply with a straight and forward answer will be long gone.

There are multiple examples I could give you, but I will stop here.

Now, if I understood correctly, you have a hard time making a panel widget update its appearence when you toggle the visible property [of the same panel] from true to false and viceversa. Is this correct?

Hi theodor the 1st
Sorry for my englisch...
Meaning with "Changing instrument" i created a special big Button named "Change Instrument" only for you to test. See my last picture... (almost bottom left side)
If you have time you can download my "Hidden" file, and there you have the whole work I did.
Then you can check yourself..
Does that help for you?

and yes, the panels are not updated in my editor (and chrome browser). Like "panel_1A_cc_fader5" on the left side is visible false, but see it in the right side in the editor (and browser).

I have made this special version for Jean-Emmanuel so that it can be viewed step by step without DAW. My only concern is if this behavior is a programming error on my part or if it is a bug in the OSC.

I managed to reproduce the issue with your files (after figuring out I needed to use the port 3000). It's a bug, I'll try to fix it soon.

Edit: a tiny silly mistake in the code just got removed :slight_smile:


Oh no, sorry about the port:3000, I have to get used to all the information you need to fix a problem.
Thank you very much for correcting the bug. It works great now.
Do you still have a guideline which port is normally used?

According to the documentation, the default HTTP port for the server is 8080.

super... thank you very much

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