Visibility update issue in nested panels


I'm running into an odd behavior that I'm not sure I should call a bug...

I have a setup where there are multiple panels that occupy almost all the space of the screen. They're never used at the same time but I switch between them. Their visibility is an OSC parameter that allows me control what is being displayed from the backend. Inside of those panels are other widgets that also have their visibility controlled by OSC parameters.

The problem happens when I'm modifying visibility parameters of widgets inside of the panel when it is not visible. It seems that they get stuck to the last value that was sent when the panel was visible but somehow, the new value of the visibility (osc parameter) is stored but not applied to the widget. The only way to get it back to normal is to toogle the value back and forth when the panel is visible which leads to glitchy render.

I've tried a similar approach with a panel and tabs and I don't have that issue, but I don't want to see the tabs and I don't want the end user to be able to change the tabs themselves. What I did was to hide the tab selector behind another panel but I feels it's a bit hacky.

Any idea on how to do that more properly?

Thanks !


Hi !
Could you by any chance create a minimal session to reproduce the issue so that I can debug it ?

(Hiding the tabs's navigation sounds legit to me :))


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Hi Jean-Emmanuel,

Please find the file here :

visibility_issue.json (3.4 KB)

To reproduce the issue do the following:

  • Set /Panel1visible to 1
  • Set /Panel1widget1visible to 1
  • Set /Panel1visible to 0
  • Set /Panel1widget1visible to 0
  • Set /Panel1visible to 1

You'll then see in the inspector that the widget is grayed but is still displayed in the interface. If you check the value of the visibility field, it's zero but it is still displayed.

Let me know if this is sufficient for you.

Thanks !


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Thank you, it's now fixed in sources :slight_smile:

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Hi Jean-Emmanuel
I just saw this post and I have a similar problem. I use OSC v1.16.5

See my latest post