Reset Widget to Default Values

As I'm rebuilding my template and re-utilizing buttons. I think it could be handy if there were a reset button on the widget to reset the widget to default values. Perhaps, even a dialog to ask if you're sure you want to reset?

A further addition on top of that, perhaps even a reset button on each category on the widget editor, (geometry, style, value, osc, etc...). Or, maybe just alt clicking on the title of the edit value will reset value?

We could just create a new button to have default values, but in my example of working. For example, I'm copying over a set of modals with nested panels / buttons, and I just want to go in and just reset a few buttons that I have selected but leave the rest.

Just a few different ideas or examples where I think this could possibly work.


Emptying a field in the editor resets it to its default value and multiple widgets can be edited at the same time, I'm not sure a button would make that easier while possibly cluttering the ui.

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