Possible to set all widgets to default value at will, not only at startup?

I want to reset my widgets on the push of a button. Is there a specific message to do it?

No there isn’t. You could store the widgets’ state after loading your session using the buttons in the sidepanel and then recall it whenever you want.

Mhhh… … I need the space taken by the side panel and would prefer not to open and close it live. I’ll create some special button probably.

Isn’t it possible to store everything with an /EDIT/GET, then restore with a /EDIT/SET ?

It only affects one widget at a time, you’d need something like /STATE/GET but it’s not implemented, it could be a good idea.

Having a state control button in the switcher category could make sense too @amundsen, I’ll try that soon.

I am pretty sure I could get my whole set of widget recursively, using /GET or /EDIT/GET, I don’t remember now…

/EDIT/GET root would give you the whole session object, which you could compute the app’s state from, but not the state as is.

Follow up : Reset toggles and faders to the default status