Push with 'no release' is triggering a script twice

Hi there!

Maybe it’s a bug. I’ve got a push button set with no release = true.
A script widget is triggered by its value when I push, then triggered a second time when I release.
No linkid or other things, it’s really the release that trigger the script a second time.

The release event still happens under the hood to prevent sync’ed widgets to get locked to the push’s on value. You can filter this in the script with a simple condition on the value variable.

This behavior has always seemed a bit odd and I plan to change this in v1.

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ok, thanks.
I will try the condition

To prevent sync’ed push buttons to get locked. I’ve found a better way to do that while preventing the off value to be sent.

I think I could prevent the ‘double send’ by putting ‘null’ as off value

Is ot working for you @moonshaadow ?

@cyberic this would only make the off message have no argument

Sorry guys, how would this look like?

if (value == 1) {
  // button pushed, instructions go here