State Widget resets after reopening the app

I am not sure if I correctly understand the purpose of State Widget but I thought that I can save the state of widget’s parameters and then load it during the performance (pretty much having a couple of presets). When I hit the save button and then load it all works but when I close and open the app the State Widget is “empty” and I lost all the saved parameters. Is there a way to save it permanently, the same way as State in Side Bar works? Using State in Side Bar is not very handy during the live performance.

I think I could add an option for making the state widget mirror the sidebar buttons. Loading a state file when opening the session can be done by setting the server’s state option.

Please add this option for locally saving all widget’s state. I was performing a few weeks ago at a festival and it would be priceless to be able to quickly recall all widget parameters to that “sweet point” I set while I am getting ready for a show.

-Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Emmanuel,

Is there any chance that you would be able to add the function for saving widget’s state locally (as described in my previous post) and then be able to load them on the fly (during performing)?

-Thanks Tomi

Yes, it’s on the list, but I can’t promise a date, probably in 2019 though.

:raised_hands::raised_hands: Thanks a lot!!

Upcoming v1 brings the following changes:

  • state/switcher/crossfader widgets removed
  • functions for saving/loading state added to scripts
  • functions for storing per-client data that persist after refresh/close* added to scripts
  • quick save/load from menu also persists after refresh/close*
  • can be cleared with the browser’s cache