Pasting Widgets - Colors changing after pasting

Please forgive my ignorance here. When I paste widgets to a new tab a kind of frame is added and it doesn't look the same. How can I remove this so they look as they did in their original tabs?Pasted widgets

Original Widgets

I am trying to just copy and paste from one tab to another. I just want the colors not to change in the process is all.
Thank you!

I guess the tab (or any of the button's ancestors) has some css that affects the button's style, in which case you'll need to copy that css to the new tab where you paste the buttons.

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hi @composerguy78

by the way, you can copy / paste directly your screenshots into this forum instead of using imgur (i am not fan of seeing donald Trump in ads :slight_smile:
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Thanks for letting me know! My apologies about that!

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Thank you, that did the trick. I found the culprit - it is the ColorWidget and ColorFill in the style inspector - they both need to be set to false. Much appreciated!

For what it's worth false is not a valid color value although it may give you the desired result.