OSC Version 1.18.0 is available

Hi everyone,

These last few months have been very busy for me and it's not been easy to squeeze a few hours of development here and there to keep improving OSC, but here we are ! The bad news is that it not going to improve soon because renovating a house and working as a musician doesn't leave that much free time, the good news is that things seem to work that way nonetheless, so no worries I guess :).

This release mostly brings small features and quality of life improvements requested by users, and I'm taking this opportunity to thank again all those who support me via Patreon, those who take the time to help out other users here of the forums, and of course those who contribute to the project with bug reports, feature requests and code corrections, it is very much appreciated.

Now let's have a look at the changelog and download !


there's no changelog for v1.18.0
...looking forward reading what's new :slight_smile:

Indeed, now there is !

v1.18.1 working like a charm here, in a very challenging environment.
Merci Jean-Emmanuel :ok_hand:

Btw, sorry for not testing out beta versions. There are just too much beta stuff in my dev environment ! Cheers