OSC Connection to Server Interrupted Only Fix Restart

Every other day my OSC will come up with this error (pic below). I can’t save any work and the only fix is to restart. The bummer is if I had work that was unsaved I just lost everything. Just curious anyone knows why this is happening or if there is a solution?

Also, my server still functions while this error comes up. I control OSC through my tablet and I can still press buttons and everything, however on my master computer the host this error comes up and I have to compeltely restart before I can save my edits.


This is error is usually caused by network issues, or if the server process hangs. Is there any error message on the server’s side ? Once restarted, the server should reestablish the connection with the clients automatically, thus allowing you to save again. If the server can’t be restarted you can always use the “export” function to downlaod the session file on the device.

I’m not seeing any error at all in the debug window. What’s strange is the server(tablet) reacts fine. I can click and do stuff. But the editor on my windows computer won’t function, can’t export/save from the editor. The only fix is restarting the whole OSC editor/program.

I’ve tried restarting from the server(tablet) side several times when this happens and it reconnects just fine but the editor on my window still shows same “disconnected” sign like it’s stuck on it.

EDIT: Correction you are right I can export… it just showed up like minutes after (like a huge delay), perhaps my system reaction to it nothing to do with OSC I think.

Not sure if this is useful but in the console in dev tools it showed a websocket connection error? Not sure if it’s important or not

When the server process hangs, external clients (ie tablets, browsers, etc) still react because they are not running in the same process as the server. The default client running alongside the server is different and freezes if this happens.

Are you using a custom custom module that contains loops that might go wild and block the process ?

Oh that’s interesting to know.

I am using a custom module and since my javascript is nil to none, I think I am using a loop. I’ve attached my custom module down below.

Isn’t the taptempo line 376 a sort of loop?Master Custom Module.js (133.3 KB)

Nothing suspicious here as far as I can see. It could be worth launching the server from a terminal in case something gets logged when the error occurs. Next time it happens, try to look for context informations that could help pinpoint the cause (a particular action done in o-s-c, something happening on the system hosting the server like a system update, a high cpu load, a high temperature, etc).

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