Option to Increase Font Size in Scripting Panels


I could be alone on this, but I do find the font size of the scripting panels, especially when I open them up in the pop up window to type in some code, to be fairly small. My poor eyes with my glasses just are squinting too hard. I think an option to increase it could be helpful.

Perhaps an option under File, or launch settings, or someplace on the scripting panel itself.

Right now, I just Ctrl+Mousewheel to zoom in, but it also increases the whole window and surroundings, and I just mainly want to increase the font size.


You could add this in a theme file to adjust to the fullscreen editor fontsize:

osc-inspector-field.fullscreen .ace_editor {
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Thank you Jean!

For some reason, I had to mess a bit with the CSS targets, and the following seemed to get it to work. CSS isn't my forte so perhaps targeting it wrong. Nonetheless, both of these together enabled it to work finally.

// Increase font size of Script Editor
osc-inspector-field.has-editor.fullscreen .ace_editor {
  font-size: 200%;

osc-inspector-field.fullscreen .ace_editor {
  font-size: 200% !important;