Inspector panel blocks widgets?

Hi all. I'm just starting to try things out in O-S-C and I'm having a couple of layout issues:

With the editor enabled and the inspector tab open, I have made a couple of panels dividing the screen in half. When I try to place a widget at the right edge of one of the panels and then close the inspector, the widget ends up floating too far to the left away from where I put it. If I place the widget where I actually want it with the inspector closed, but then open the inspector to edit the widget, it gets completely covered up. Here is a quick video of what I'm talking about.

Is there any way that I can actually edit the entirety of the layout with the editor enabled and inspector open? It's not ideal to have to keep constantly switching these on and off to make sure things end up where they're actually supposed to go. Any help would be greatly appreciated - thanks in advance!

You could give a fixed width to the root widget (I guess something like 1920) so that when it's not shown entirely because of the editor's panels a scrollbar appears. This should help knowing where the edge of the layout is (disabling the root's scroll property might help too). In my opinion the most efficient way to cope with layout and screen size issues is to use vertical/horizontal/grid containers (layout property) in order to create a layout that adapts to the available screen size (although this might be less intuitive than laying out widgets directly using absolute coordinates). In this case the trick is to expand at least one widget in each container so that is uses the available space instead of a fixed size.

Thank you!! That solved the issue!