Feature request: description field/panel for every widget

I often find myself in situations where I forget what a certain widget is supposed to do exactly (in my custom made O-S-C session). I think that a description field or panel could help. It could be added to the inspector or could exist separately (toggled with a keyboard shortcut, when the widget is selected).

+1 for this. A little notepad section.

Workaround: I add comment slashes in the css field and add my note behind these..

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Good idea, it's in sources now.


Today, the 25th of April 2021, at 7 PM (Romania time), I used for the first time the comments text field.


I know I'm asking too much, but can you create an information pop-up containing the text in the comments field (eg. when the mouse pointer hovers the widget)?

(like this)


Cool idea. You could probably create a tooltip and have it show the widget's comment field?


Also, not sure how a tooltip would work with touch devices...maybe a long hold might be able to show the tooltip?

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I kind of like the idea but I fear it's only going to clutter the UI for something that's currently accessible with a single click.

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@jean-emmanuel if anyone can make it work, it's you!

It's accessible only if the editor is ON (or am I mistaken?). Anyway, how about displaying the comments property of any widget in a text widget (after it is clicked/tapped/etc)?

This is what’s so amazing about OSC, this community, and in particular @jean-emmanuel

A user has made a really great suggestion and it’s listened to, commented on and most importantly, quickly cimplemented

Major developers should learn from this...). .4


to @jean-emmanuel
Jean, sorry... My question about sending the comments property of a widget to a text widget was very dumb. Sometimes I just forget to think... Here's the answer to my question:

let h = getProp('this', 'comments')
set('text_9', h)

'twas this simple! Thank you, Jean (for O-S-C)!



!! @theodor_the_1st You've been busy! Looking nice.

Yeah, yeah... :sunglasses: