Opacity problem?

Hi @jean-emmanuel,
This is my first post, so first of all thank you for your amazing work! I've been using OSC for a while in conjunction with Sonic Pi, and am really enjoying it.
It looks like an opacity-related problem was introduced in v1.26.0. Below are two screenshots demonstrating the difference in v1.25.7 vs v1.26.1. The modal popup with CSS property set to opacity: 0.8 behaves differently now when covering a matrix widget. Here is the script to reproduce the difference: opacity.json (4.9 KB)

Hi ! It may seem strange but the modal thing is a tricky one and I had to make a compromise to make it work consistently with recent iOS that makes it render incorrectly under specific css setups (some other things like transform would break it too)... luckily there's simple fix, just target the popup element:

.popup {
  opacity: 0.8;

Or, if it's the button you want to affect:

.toggle {
  opacity: 0.8

Yes, this is a simple change and it works! Thank you!