One button widget that sends different values to multiple CC's

Hi there!

I need to quickly adjust the values of the following CC’s:
CC1 (to value: 64), CC7 (to value: 127), CC69 (to value: 0), CC73 (to value: 30) and CC85 (to value: 25)

Is there a way I could use a single push button widget for quickly adjusting these CC’s?

Yes: Two or more osc address on a toggle button

Thank you for the reply!

I read the info, but I can’t seem to figure out what to write in the place of “/exec/2/1”.

For CC85, shouldn’t I have something like this? (below)

send(false, “[1, 85]”, 64)

1 = channel number
85 = CC number
64 = CC value

I managed something, but I get these two errors:

You should write

send(false, "/control", 1, 85, 64)

instead of (something like)

send(false, "/control, 1, 85", 64)
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It also works with push buttons!!!

Thank you so much!