Menu items clipped by enclosing panel


When using a menu widget inside a panel, the items are clipped to the the panel area:


when using a dropdown, they are not:


Is it possible to have the menu behave like the dropdown?


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You can circumvent this by adding the following css to the panel:

contain: unset;

It’s not set this way by default because it doesn’t work well in some situations.


it works but yes, it is looks kind of strange because I have 2 nested panels... I'll keep a dropdown for now, but thanks for the tip!

Is this still the case?
I can view it correctly on my computer's browser, but not on my iPad (tested in Safari, Firefox & Chrome). Dropdown is only a solution if the widget is not on the bottom of the screen obviously :wink:

Is this still the case?

I thought it was fixed, I'll take a look at it, however I can't guarantee it will be fixed.

That's not true, dropdowns are usually handled fine by the OS regardless of where they are.

Only happens with the touch device.

Of course you are right. Sorry.

Thank you so much for your hard work!

Are you using any css transform on that container ?
EDIT: nevermind, I fixed it, it should be alright in next release

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Thank you so much! What a gamechanger for me.
I just tried version 1.9.2. What a great update, mate!
Visuals now make my naming scheme, that I used for several years, completely useless (and that's a good thing! :stuck_out_tongue: :heart_decoration: ):

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