Is there a way to make the widget enlarge when touched (and then return to normal size on release)?

Hello again. I love the circular menu behaviour where the menu pops up in a much larger format whilst you select it. Is there any preference (or scripting trick!) that can replicate this behaviour for say a slider (as this would make adjusting the values much easier on a smaller touch screen). Thanks very much.

There’s no official support for this but the following trick happens to work currently (I can’t guarantee it won’t break in a future release):

  • set the slider’s css to
:host:active {
  transform: scale(2)
  • set its sensitivity to 0.5 (ie 1/scale)

It somewhat limited though: unlike the menu widget, the slider here won’t be able to overflow its parent’s boundaries.

Even though not officially implemented, this is still a very cool hidden feature for now, thanks very much for the head’s up! (hopefully something equivalent may get officially implemented one day as it is an amazing feature to better utilize small screen estate).