Macro control with Randomization

Hi guys,

Just sharing a little module, just a macro control with randomization options. I normally use this kind of tools to generate variations for my plugin parameters, can be specially useful when doing assets for game audio. Hopefully this is useful for somebody else.

ab- Macro Sliders with Smooth Random v1.02.json (31.6 KB)


updated file with some fixes


hi @abcd

Thanks for sharing your code with the osc community. Very clean design !

I got a question : to save the state we need to press on the diskette and then the number we want right ?
Not easy with a mouse :slight_smile:
How recall the state ?
Thanks for your answer !

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Hi Greenman!

Thank you for checking this out, still learning this awesome app,

You are correct about of saving states, you hold-down the "disquete" and then you click on any of the 1 2 3 4 buttons. To recall a state you simply press any of the 1 2 3 4 buttons.

Also you are right about of mouse, I planned this more to use in the tablet, but you can temporally set the "disquete" button in toggle mode in the editor. If you prefer this to be always toggle, just re-save the project with the toggle option instead of "push". Does that helps?

btw- I will update the post with a new version, I've fixed an error what I've observed in the console.
edit: updated the file (1.02), changed "State" label to "State Load" :+1:

Cheers mate

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thanks for your answer !
It's perfect with the option set to toggle.
Maybe once the state is saved, the save button can switch off but it's not really a problem.
edit : what about a reset button to set to 0 every fader ?
I wonder if we could have a tooltip on a button to help the user. A kind of Alt as in html img tag ?


sure, no problem.

thanks for the ideas and feedback!. Definitively a dedicated reset button is possible, also individual reset using the doubleTap prop, just like this maybe (matrix props)?


Having some help hints would be possible too for sure. I have some more ideas for it, so I will collect them and I will try to implement for the next versions.

Thanks again

How do you assign those to a CC number?