Link tab view computer / pad

When I choose a tab on the pad, I want it to be displayed on the computer.
Is that possible ?

That's the default behavior unless bypass is enabled on the tab's parent (or if the client option clientSync is set to 0);

bypass was set to true in root.
And now it's working fine in Cpu to Pad, but not Pad to Cpu ?!

when you say pad, you think Ipad ? is your version compatible on this Ipad ?

Yep I’m using iPad

the doc says

The client is compatible with the following browsers:

  • Firefox: version 75 and higher
  • Chromium / Chrome: version 60 and higher

iOS devices must be of version 10.3 or higher.

Make sure the session is saved so that the change propagates to the ipad.

Ok it's working with firefox but not with safari
Thank you !
@Greenman can you share the link where you find this information ?

I look at server configuration ahah :slight_smile: