Multiple browser clients - unsyncing scrolling and tab selection

Hi Jean and community,

Is it possible to create one large layout with multiple tabs and allow multiple clients and their browsers, to view different parts of the layout and access different tabs? For example, multiple crew members of an aircraft viewing a different part of the same control panel? I'm hoping I might be able to disable the syncing of webpage scrolling and the tab selection.

Thank you :slight_smile:


Hi Jay,

Try setting the clientSync to 0.


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Hi, thank you for the suggestion. I've been experimenting with that but haven't had any success. Could you please show an example? Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Edit - Got it to work. Thanks again for your help DMDComposer

For anyone else needing help, an example - in the client browser I type;

This client is now out of sync with the rest that haven't had "/clientsync=0" added to the url

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Alternatively, if you want the other widgets to keep syncing normally you can set the tab containter's bypass property to true.

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